STRIKING STATEMENTS | Keasha Lee Ince is Founder + Creative Director of Striking Statements, LLC
Keasha Lee Ince shines light on your unseen parts to capture the essence of who you are through content.
copywriter, advocate for truth, storyteller, brand enthusiast
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Hi, I’m Keasha (pronounced KEE-SHA), Founder + Creative Director of Striking Statements, LLC.



My purpose is to help others show up brighter and bolder in the world through content that accurately conveys their genius and mission.


Once upon a time, I was the Public Relations Manager for the world’s largest credit union. I pitched ideas to trade publications, helped branch offices around the globe with their PR efforts, and wrote the President’s messages.  


This story sounds kind of dry, right? That’s the way I felt coming into the office everyday! So I left to discover how I could make a bigger contribution to the world in my unique way.


It took time to figure out how to best use my talents to serve others. While on a 5-year hiatus from full-time work; I had my second child – a baby boy born with a rare genetic disorder who lived for 6 months and changed my world forever.


Less than a year later, I was working a variety of part-time roles that included bridal gown sales person, restaurant server, and Michelle Obama look-alike. All while slowly growing Striking Statements.


In 2014, I returned to full-time corporate work as a Business Sales Manager for the Travel and Hospitality industries.


And while I enjoyed some pretty epic (free) trips to Singapore, Alaska, + Europe — the monotony of the pointless meetings, lack of vision coupled with self-loathing co-workers equaled zero inspiration for me and the decision that I was done with this full-time corporate life for good.


What I learned most from my vastly different roles and experiences is that in a world where perception is everything…words make all the difference.


What I’ve gathered along the way as an entrepreneur and human, is that no matter who you are or where you’re from; every person desires to be acknowledged and truly heard.


When you struggle to find the right words to tell the world essentially why you matter, it hurts. 


I help brilliant entrepreneurs and organizations with a big mission craft content that accurately reflects what they stand for.


By using words that authentically convey their genius + heart, they are able to connect with more of the people they are meant to serve so that they can make an even bigger impact in the world. 


Everyone has a statement to make. Yours should be striking.

You have the talent. I’m here to translate it into words that have meaning and make a difference in your world.

The Simple Things That Keep Me Happy…

::Fashion. Particularly vintage items mixed with something simple yet unexpected
:: My loving hubby and precocious 13 year old daughter
:: Yoga
:: Journals of all kinds
:: Dark Chocolate
:: Red Wine
::Rockin’ an afro!
::Music from the ’90’s
::Netflix…I think you’re super