STRIKING STATEMENTS | Why Striking Statements for Your Business?
Striking Statements offers copywriting, brand messaging strategy that translates your genius + heart into content that connects.
content creation, branding, copywriting, entrepreneurs, statements, connection, genius
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Because you want messaging that shows up in the world as brilliantly as you do. I help you achieve this by shining light on your unseen parts through content that accurately reflects your genius + heart.


Sum up what you do in savvy little sentences that snap!


Discover a new messaging direction that will expand your reach while honing in on the themes that create your unique branding story.


Content that reflects your genius, makes a connection, and makes a statement that you are proud to stand behind.

You have a gift and it’s through your business that you’re making your biggest statement.

Let’s talk about Striking Statements and what it has to do with you.

You’re doing great work in the world. But you aren’t great at crafting content that accurately conveys your genius and passion.
There are many more people who want what you have to offer but don’t understand what you do and that’s painful.
Why? Because content that’s unclear stifles your impact and blocks your prosperity.
If you want more clarity and understanding in your messaging, you must learn how to use your words to show your worth.

 Contact Me: 619-354-9106