STRIKING STATEMENTS | The Magic is in Your Messaging
Your audience isn’t going to share your message unless they: A.) Understand it. B.) Know and trust you enough to invest a few extra clicks and finger swipes of their time. Keasha Lee Ince dissects how staying silent affects your credibility and what you should be doing regularly to show up without being perfect all while attracting the attention of your audiences.
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The Magic is in Your Messaging

the-magic-is-in-your-messaging-blogDo you want people to share more of your content? The truth is, your audience isn’t going to share your message unless they:  

A.) Understand it.


 B.) Know and trust you enough to invest a few extra clicks and finger swipes of their time.

I’ll first dissect what it means to have your audience know and trust you. A lot of people shy away from sharing information about themselves to their audiences because they don’t want to be judged or rejected.

There’s so much anxiety ridden banter that goes on in their minds like, “I really want to use the word asshole in my content but some of my people may get offended and the last thing I want to do is offend a prospective customer.”  Another thought may be, “If I tell the truth about the few months that I was homeless they will never trust my financial advice.”

With thoughts like these, it’s understandable why people choose to stay silent.

However, the tricky thing about staying silent is that while it keeps your true identity undercover, it does absolutely nothing for your credibility.

In fact, by remaining silent you aren’t really a somebody, you’re a nobody. Yikes!

Today’s virtual marketplace is bursting at the seams with shiny products, services and influencers all vying for your audience’s attention. This is why it’s more important than ever for you to get people to notice you.  

How do you get attention? You must show up regularly with your ideas, observations, questions and your story. Showing up consistently will allow your people to know you and to trust that you will show up the way they need you to.

When you are there for them, they will be there for you and that’s what you call…community.

And the thing to remember about showing up is that you don’t need everything to be perfect. Show up as you are and share with others your untold stories because what you think is dark is actually your light. The more real you are, the more attractive you become.



If you want people to trust you, you must be willing to show them your unpretty parts. Tweet it!

Let’s talk about understanding: Perception is everything and words make all the difference.

Can you remember a time when you experienced pain that came from being misunderstood?  

Sometimes the pain feels like humiliation-other times it can be frustration, rage or sadness.

To be effective with your words, you must communicate in a style that is clear and deliberate so that people will understand who you are and take you seriously. The style should be your own of course but it also needs to make a conscious connection to your readers.

When you show up consistently in an honest way through words that reflect your genius and your heart, people will pay attention and start sharing your message.

Writing isn’t easy and if you are the busy entrepreneur/business owner that I’m sure you are, you could save yourself time and a headache by hiring a copywriter to wordsmith your mission so that you and your message become a striking mirror image. It feels a lot like magic!

Speaking of showing up, last week I was featured on my business buddy Ashley Taylor Yannello’s podcast, REALTALK. We laughed and shared thoughts on why showing up and getting back up after you fall (as many times as it takes) is important. We also talked about messaging, brands, and music.

Listen to the podcast on iTunes while in the car, in the office or in bed. Again,  your feedback is appreciated!

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