STRIKING STATEMENTS | Happiness isn't waiting to choose you for good behavior. It's accessible at any time. The choice is yours.
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The Choice is Yours. Are You Happy?

Let’s talk about happiness. The truth is that most people move through their lives in an unhappy funk because they are functioning in total reaction mode.

Are you one of them?

Completely unaware of the choices that you have to shift the way you feel in any given moment?

Allowing your emotions and outlook on life to be dictated by whatever annoyance or crisis that is happening at any given moment in your day?

Believing deep down that true happiness is meant for other people and not you because if it was, your life would obviously be much better than it is now and you would have more:




Good looks


Feeling anger and resentment when bad things happen to you and other “good people” and wanting to demolish the clichés about life being good and love conquering all because your life doesn’t feel that way.

It feels more like there’s something ominous out there waiting for you to get just comfortable enough before it makes its next sinister attack on your peace.

I’m sure you may have felt this way at some point in the past or may be experiencing these feelings now and it’s okay. I understand because I have, too.

And guess what?

I’m still here with an intense passion for life. I’ve written this message to you because I want you to remember that happiness does not elude us.


Happiness doesn’t hang out on a street corner waiting for the right person to walk by to give its light to. You are the light. Only you can determine your degree of happiness.

Before I moved to the west coast earlier this year, one of my clients introduced me to Dr. Dan Amzallag. He hosts a show called, The Happyness Journey where guests who are thriving in life and business are invited to talk about a particular life challenge that they endured and the decisions the life challenge influenced them to make which ultimately led to a new perspective and a fuller, happier life.

I was a invited to The Happyness Journey show in February to share a particularly difficult situation in my life and how it shaped how I honor myself, why I serve others in the way that I do, and through it all why I choose to be happy.


Watch the 27-minute segment to get the full story.

Happyness Journey with Dr. Dan Season 2 Episode 13

My hope is that watching this interview will help you feel less alone in any struggles you may be going through. And please remember that happiness doesn’t choose us.

We choose it.

In honor of your abundance + success. xo

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