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When it comes to putting “pen to paper” to promote your business and share with the world who you are… you shift uncomfortably in your seat.


The task of creating content that is clear, captivating and a true reflection of  who you are feels like a challenge too colossal to achieve without having an emotional breakdown.


So you stop.


Yet, you’re tired of feeling stifled and unfulfilled. You want messaging that will attract more of the clients you really want and enjoy working with in the way that you work best.


Stop struggling to find the words that accurately reflect who you truly are.


I’m here to help.

How It Works:

Complete the Statement Sorting Questionnaire™ and schedule a time on my calendar.

I'll review your responses and current copy to assess the mismatch between what you desire and how you are actually representing yourself.

We get on the phone or video conference to chat about your desires and ideas and I make suggestions for a new messaging direction that best represents who you are and how you serve.

I rework your About and Sales pages so that the words show your worth, give your skills justice and resonate with your audience.

You will receive email support during the entire process

You will review your new content and after making edits (up to two) to ensure you are absolutely happy, you’ll have new copy that is DY-NO-MITE!


A catchy tagline is what your business deserves. One that will make people, say “Ooh! I love that!” or “That sums up your biz perfectly.


You deserve a tagline  or service title that accurately reflects your genius with  charisma and clarity.


I create the taglines that people enjoy saying because it feels good. Go ahead, make ’em say your name.

How It Works:

Complete the Statement Sorting Questionnaire™ and to schedule a phone or video conference to discuss what your goals and expectations are regarding the impact a new tagline or fresh content will bring to your business (added value, professionalism, clout, more sales etc.).

Two to three taglines or service titles are created and sent to you within 72 hours. Up to two revisions are included.

Once we’ve made the desired changes. The final product will be delivered via email for you to proudly use within your branding efforts (i.e. website, book, bio, social media profiles).

The words that describe your business should provide distinction, connection, and interest but they don’t because writing isn’t your specialty so you’ve put your focus in other areas.


Now you’ve come to the realization that your content is still waiting for rejuvenation to help your business grow but you’re stuck. Unfortunately, the source of your clarity woes comes from your inability to claim a brand identity.


Vitality and abundance begins with nurturing from within but you need help in making the transition.

How It Works:

You will complete a Statement Sorting Questionnaire™ and schedule a time on my calendar. I will get to work assessing your responses and reviewing current content marketing to develop recommendations to enhance branding efforts.

Branding Coaching is offered at a minimum of 6 hours of coaching. During each 1 (one) hour session we will determine a marketing plan and identify how your messaging will be used to reflect your mission while educating and engaging your ideal audiences.

Our sessions will provide you with actionable and easy to follow plans utilizing the ``3E Approach`` for increased brand awareness and engagement.

E-mail support between sessions.

Statement Sorting Worksheets.

Coaching calls are recorded and sent to you to refer back to anytime.

“Before working with Keasha, I had absolutely no clue of where to begin with creating copy for my website or how to talk about my businesses in a way that people understood right away. Keasha helped me clarify and make sense of everything my business entailed (including my job title). Messaging Mentorship with Keasha helped me gain focus because she challenged my mindset by asking the questions that delved deeper.”

~ Jennifer Okosun, Founder, JYO Media

Have questions you want answered before making a decision? Fill out the form below and I will get with you REAL soon!


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