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M.I.L.F. Life


Last month Fergie came out with a new video called, M.I.L.F.  which stands for “Moms I’d Like to Follow” and it is full of beautiful famous moms like herself who are handling their high profile celebrity statuses, being mamas, and leveraging their influence on social media to make money and a difference.

With the same thought in mind I’d like to talk about Motives that Influence Likes and Follows which is my own version of the acronym M.I.L.F.

What gets people to like and follow your content? There are numerous theories and techniques online and in books that talk about how to get the folks you want to notice you by actually liking and commenting on your content.

Psychology is behind any kind of marketing and branding. If you want to get more likes and follows from your audience, you have to connect in an emotionally conscious way. It works every time.


People will follow people and businesses they feel relate to who they are. Ask yourself how much are you providing something to your clients that they can relate to. Are you showcasing the “human side” of what you are selling? There’s an interesting business from a millennial entrepreneur called TUSHY. [http://www.tushy.me/collections/bidet-attachments ] Her product gets all up in your business, the intimate kind that we all do in the bathroom. While your business may not get that personal, it’s good to be in your face honest about how your business works and why people should care.

What’s The Problem?

Whatever it is you are providing in exchange for money has to solve a problem. The way that you describe how that problem is alleviated is the most important part. There are a zillion writers for hire in the world offering up their wit, creativity, and skill in wordsmithing but there are a variety of concentrations to work in such as SEO writing, business writing, television script writing, writing for small businesses and the list goes on. With each of these writing niches, there’s a very specific problem that the writing expertise will solve. You must tap into what the specific problems or issues are that your target audience is suffering through so that you can provide the perfect solution is that your business provides to motivate people to take notice.

Fear, Love, Hope

I was once told that there are two emotions that dictate our behavior: fear and love. To make it the most simple, the motives behind any of our actions is rooted in a fear of something or love of something. More recently I read an article by Seth Godin that added the emotion of hope and bingo, we have the trinity of emotional selling. What team do you want to play on? Are you selling the fear of what could happen as in what a dentist does regarding the correlation of 6 month cleanings and susceptibility to cavities? Are you selling hope like a personal trainer would do? Hope for a more beautiful and healthy version of yourself so that you can love yourself more or find the love you’ve been looking for? Speaking of love, Kay Jewelers and Hallmark cards are in the business of selling love.

As a business owner, you have to make it your business to find out what the M.I.L.F. is going on with your audience so that you can relate, solve a problem, and appeal to their emotions of fear, love, or hope.


In honor of your abundance + success,



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