STRIKING STATEMENTS | How to Make A Striking Statement in Less Than 60-Seconds
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How to Make A Striking Statement in Less Than 60-Seconds

SCENARIO: You say your greetings to the friendly faces at the registration table; pick up your name badge; and immediately make a beeline to the refreshments area to get yourself something to sip on. Having a glass to hold in your hand keeps you from fidgeting and somehow alleviates the slight feeling of awkwardness. From the refreshments area, you’re able to assess the types of people in the room and determine who you will most likely be talking with later.

“So, what do you do?” Is the inevitable question that will be asked during any sort of networking situation.

Determining the kind of response you should give creates anxiety within people no matter how brilliant they are.  I have spoken with many people who struggle to find the words to make an impactful statement during their introduction.

Some people choose to be really out of the box and fanciful with their introductions and say things like:

“I’m the Clarity + Prosperity Queen who helps undercover goddesses reclaim their inner wisdom to attract more money, happiness, and clarity so that they can become their own versions of Prosperity Queens and rule their Queendoms.”

This introduction is a big turn off because Miss Clarity + Prosperity Queen is trying too hard to be distinctive yet misses the mark. You want people to understand who you help and what you do after you introduce yourself. They shouldn’t be utterly confused or wonder what planet you are from.

There’s also those who choose the safe, basic and good old boring introduction that goes something like:

“I’m a Life Success Coach who helps those who are having issues with success, gain success.”

Um, okay.  Mr. Life Success Coach said nothing of how he does his thing to help others gain success. And his lack of success in explaining what he does is yet another turn off.

And lastly, don’t be the person who talks way too much providing details that should be saved for another time and place. If you do, it’s a sure way to get people to excuse themselves and avoid you for the rest of the event.

If you want to gain more referrals and paying customers you need to be able to gain people’s trust. To do that, you have to be clear, confident, and make a connection. This starts with how you introduce yourself.

Below, I will give you 3 Intro Templates with examples of how you can make a Striking Statement in less than 60-seconds.

  1. I work in the ___________ industry. I do ___________. I’m currently working on/with___________.


Striking Statements example: I work in the beauty industry. I do trainings for beauty ambassadors that focus on product knowledge and sales. I’m currently working with a team of amazing store managers for MAC Cosmetics.


2. I’m a ___________. I specialize in ___________. I also ___________.

Striking Statements example: I’m a writer. I specialize in helping people self-publish memoirs and essays. I also show people how to start blogs that others will read even without prior writing experience.


3. I’m a ___________. I’m currently working on ___________.

Striking Statements example: I’m a yoga teacher and musician. I’m currently working on a children’s book with my friend that teaches kids yoga poses and comes with a guided meditation CD that I composed.

Go ahead and play around with these Intro Templates by including your unique purpose and gifts. Practice it each time you meet someone. Soon enough, you’ll be a pro at gaining people’s interest and making a striking statement within 60 seconds.

Have a comment, feedback or idea? Let me know below in the comments.

  • Joanne Lauthier
    Posted at 22:58h, 21 September Reply

    I’m loving your website Keasha 🙂 Thank you for this information. It’s something I definitely need!

    • strikingstatements
      Posted at 20:48h, 13 October Reply

      Thank you so much, Joanne!

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