Raving Statements
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“I’ve worked with Keasha twice and once again I’m an overjoyed client. This time around Keasha helped me to define my target market for my brand by having me complete an innovative and unique exercise. During our phone conversation she listened to my vision and then using her genius- she crafted a phenomenal and striking brand statement with amazing tag lines that will add an extra sparkle to my brand. I’m forever grateful.”

~Dana-Marie Thomas, Founder Inspirations by Dana Marie

“Keasha worked wonders with my content. The way that she understood me and was able to read between the lines to capture who I am and what I do so early in our conversation was bananas! She is truly remarkable.”

~Misti Burmeister, Best-selling Author, Executive Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur

“Keasha is extremely intuitive. When I read the copy she created for my Business Profile and I was amazed at how she captured my unique style and vision in a way that I never would’ve thought of.”

~Sucha Khamsuwan, Founder Studio Ideya

“Omg I love you and you are incredibly gifted at what you do!!! Thank you, thank you Keasha. I’m super excited for my launch tomorrow and now I feel so much more confident in my copy. You killed this last edit! 🙌 

~Megan Barker,  Megan Media Design

“Keasha is an absolute joy to work with! She has the ability to create some amazing copy for her clients to help them stand out! She goes above and beyond  and I am blessed to know her!”

~Lindsay Maloney, Owner, Lindsay Maloney