STRIKING STATEMENTS | 3 Ways to Eliminate the Basic to Enhance Your Brilliance
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3 Ways to Eliminate the Basic and Enhance Your Brilliance

Is it just me or have you noticed that with all the hype on the interwebs about the importance of standing out and claiming your uniqueness; there’s still pressure to do what the industry influencers (aka cool kids) are doing?


There’s no one formula that works for everyone and when you do what everyone is doing, you become basic–which is a shame because you’re truly brilliant. Below I’ll share 3 ways that you can eliminate the basic and enhance your brilliance.


It’s strange to me that the more we’re told to “be who we are” and command attention–the more we look at others to tell us how to show up in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it is humanly natural to look up to successful others–enthusiastically watching and learning how they’ve achieved any level of sustained happiness, peace and abundance. However, you don’t necessarily need to write a book, start a podcast, be a guest on a podcast, create a YouTube channel, nor perfect those damn Instagram flat lays to enhance your brilliance.



There’s no doubt that you’re brilliant and are delivering phenomenal solutions to your clients and customers. But in order to connect with more people who need what you have to offer, you must capture your brilliance through your messaging. This includes how you show up online, on paper and in-person.


3 Ways to Eliminate the Basic and Enhance Your Brilliance:


1. Get Vulnerable -Talk to your people in an honest and relatable way. You can enhance your brilliance by sharing a story from your life that demonstrates a lesson learned, transformation or triumph. When you are vulnerable you connect with others on an emotional level. Stories are more persuasive than facts. When I shared the story about the baby angel who gave me purpose, I received more private messages and comments on social media than I had for any post before. People can feel the truth and that’s why brilliance exudes truth.


 2. Ask Questions – Questions enhance your brilliance because they give you a fail-proof way of appealing to and providing your audience with what they’re actually interested in. You can easily create a survey, poll, or assessment with Google Forms or Survey Monkey to learn more about your people because throwing ideas out there and wasting your time on a service or product that you aren’t sure is marketable to your audience is not brilliant.


3. Educate – People will always appreciate an insight, tool or tip that they can use to improve their lives. Your brilliance is in your expertise and how you deliver it so why don’t share something specific with your people to show them you care? By educating your audience you are not only establishing authority but also increasing their trust in your ability. Teaching from your heart is so brilliant.    


Remember, you can eliminate the basic in your business and enhance your brilliance without following someone else’s formula. You can stand out by using the above tips with messaging that effectively resonates with your readers. And it can be done without spending hours of youtube watching or blog reading from the other experts that will inevitably leave you with feelings of inadequacy.


When you can be who you are in a way that helps others and reveals your truth, you are indeed enhancing your brilliance.




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