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Learn How to Use the Right Words to Talk About ( Mind) Your Biz-ness So That Your Dream Clients Will, Too.

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Let's talk about Striking Statements and what it has to do with you. 

You are a creative, brilliant and determined (coach, writer, consultant, actor, designer, boutique owner) professional working passionately everyday to offer the genius products and services that enrich the lives of others. 

But when it comes to putting "pen to paper" to promote your business and share with the world what you do, how you do it, and why...

You shift uncomfortably in your seat because the thought of writing copy for your business that is clear and clever feels like a challenge too colossal to achieve (this year) so instead you choose to organize your desk drawers, do jumping jacks, or catch up on reading.  

You're willing to do anything else except write.

The truth is, avoidance and procrastination aren't going to help you make the statements about your business that you truly want to make to the world. 

The truth is, you must use your words to show your worth and I will help you do it.

Look, I know you decided to start your own business because you are a creative soul and it's important for you to express yourself through your craft. You know how you want to impact the world but your messaging needs the vigor to match your greatness. 

You’re damn good, but right now, not enough of the right people understand what you do or worse: don't know that you even exist.

Why Striking Statements?

Because I delve into your back story to pinpoint what motivates you, what your business is about, and who your people are to translate your genius into content that gets you noticed by who you want and paid for what you do. 

Serve as your happy guide to select the right social media platforms for you to rendezvous with the people you want to pay attention to YOU, mon chéri!

To help you achieve this:

I create clever taglines that sum up what you do in savvy little sentences that snap!

Infuse fervor to your copy so that your promotional materials pop!

You have a gift and it’s through your business that you’re making your biggest statement. It should be striking.

Want to learn more about who the heck I am?  Great! You can read all about me in my BIO.

 While there, you will also find out how you can contact me for a phone session and to get started with a Striking Statements Diagnostic. 

I am so excited to help you make striking statements to the world.

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